Coronado Island

Alicia and I had the opportunity to go to Coronado Island for a date tonight. By the way, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting these date nights with my wife! We've really enjoyed catching up!

We started our date with a stop at Peohe's, a rather fancy restaurant on Coronado Island. It's really good food. Alicia ate the Thai Chicken Spring Rolls and I had the Coconut Crunchy Shrimp. We both sampled the other's choice, and I must say that these are the only spring rolls that I've ever enjoyed! And the shrimp dish was really great too!

What really got us though was the view. As the sky started to darken a little, we saw San Diego start to come alive, and that was just amazing. The funny thing, however, is how in San Diego you can see a simply gorgeous view of the downtown skyline and look to your right (from Peohe's) and see the 10th Avenue Terminal, an industrial pier, and if you look further to the right you see a shipyard. So while the entire view isn't "to die for" it's still awesome.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Here is downtown San Diego as the sun is setting. Simply beautiful I think, except for the marine layer...That's Petco Park behind the Convention Center.

10th Avenue TerminalCoronado Bridge with the terminal in the background.