Writing about Christianity

I saved this one for last because it’s the one I will probably end up writing about the most. It’s not because I’m an expert at it or anything…I just have a lot of thoughts on the subject. I grew up a very conservative Christian, calling myself an Independent Baptist (KJV) or even an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist until about the age of 21 or so. Around that time I realized that I wasn’t a very good fundamentalist, and so I dropped that title. However, I am still very conservative about my theology and doctrine.

There are four aspects of my Christianity that I expect to write about most of the time:

  1. Missions and Evangelism: I’m not a missionary, but I’ve often dreamed of being one, and I have worked alongside missionaries in my travels. We are also involved in a great church in San Diego (Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist) that reaches the lost all over the world. As someone who has seen many missionaries around Asia and the Middle East, and having a desire to learn more about it, I will undoubtedly be sharing many thoughts and ideas. Alicia and I personally give some support to Dale and Karen Viljoen in Sapporo, Japan. Dale and I met when I was overseas in Japan a decade ago.
  2. Ministry in the US Navy: I don’t have an official ministry to the military, like the Navigators, Campus Crusade, etc, but I do reach out to fellow sailors as I can. Unfortunately, I’m often fearful of sharing the Gospel. But at times God puts me in a situation where I see that I have no choice but to share and then I really enjoy doing so. Someday, and I hope this blog will help me as I get my feelings out there, I will share more readily.
  3. Theology and philosophy: I have lots of ideas and beliefs here, and I may very well write just to get the ideas down on paper. Anyone reading this blog is therefore more than welcome to help out in any way he/she feels comfortable. This goes along with seminary to a certain extent.
  4. Seminary: And, finally, I’m a student. Going to Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (distance education) will take a lot of work and I’m determined to do well in my classes. However, I expect to be able to actually better my seminary writing through the blog.

I would expect that most of my writing will be along the lines I mentioned above. Not that I have to, but I reserve the right to change what I write about at any time and go from there.

As a parting note, I feel like I should say that these are not anyone's thoughts but mine. They don't reflect, unless I specifically state as such, the thoughts of a pastor, missionary, professor, etc. I wanted to put that disclaimer out there because I don't want anyone having to answer for something I write! So that’s it…enjoy!


Dave Yumen said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Even though you are not in an official ministry to the military you have been having an impact in the lives of other military guys. I've watched you grow in greater intimacy with the Lord and this has spilled over into your family and your ministry as a laborer in God's harvest field. I pray that God would continue to raise up more men like you. To Him be the glory!

The Navy Christian said...

Dave, I couldn't have grown this much without men like yourself in my life. You taught me a lot about ministering and witnessing to the military. Thank you!