Writing about Family

I wanted to start my "About" posts by saying a little about being a family man. I’ve been married eight and a half years to a great woman. Alicia has truly been by my side through better and worse. We’ve been a Navy family for all of those years, which brings its share of hardships and joys. And we’ve enjoyed our wonderful kids, Samantha and Timothy as well. I have everything I need as a family man. Truly, God has blessed me.
But what about this family of mine? How do I expect to be able to write about that? What do I plan to write about? Let me show you the ways:
  • Marriage: I couldn’t be happier with my marriage right now. True, on some days I feel like a novice. Like the main character in Fireproof, I sometimes feel like I don’t yet have my high school diploma in my wife, much less a college degree. Yet I have learned some big lessons over time. I expect that I will share some of those experiences. But mostly I will write about life in general as a husband. Yet I'm not to the point of being able to offer a great deal of sage advice, so I won't be providing any of those posts at this time.
  • Timothy: What can I say? He’s my boy! He’s a great kid (and yes, I'm biased). I think back to some of the things I grew up with as a child, like a farm, open space, etc, and then I compare that to what my son has; namely, San Diego, large schools, and video games, and I want to work even harder to make sure he gets what he really needs out of life. Oh, I’ll blow this more often than not, but in the end, I hope that Timothy can look back and know that I helped him become the man he wanted and needed to be.
  • Samantha: The apple of my eye. She’s headstrong and demanding, but thankfully, she has many great parts too. She adores me (except when I discipline her) and I believe she feels safe under my care. What more could a father want? She is also a cystic fibrosis patient, but don’t expect me to write too much about that, as I write another blog about that and fundraising for a cure. You can check that out HERE. What you’ll read about on this blog regarding my family is a real life man raising a real life daughter, and all the good and bad that goes with it.
So that’s about it really. I’m not a marriage and family therapist or counselor, and I haven’t been married long enough, or been a father long enough, to be the wise old man who gives advice. So all you’ll get from this blog here, and I believe it’s enough, is the musings of a husband and father. It's a good place for me.

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