3 Reasons You Should Pray for Sailors

This week I'm giving a short overview of ministry in the military.

There are many reasons to pray for sailors, but I want to list 3 of them that I think are quite possibly most pressing:

-We have a gargantuan ministry field.
Honestly, it's too big for me, which is why I'm grateful for groups like the Navigators, Campus Crusade for Christ and countless others. There are 332,000 people in the US Navy right now and that means that there is a huge harvest on the ships and shore stations that comprise the Navy. Many are unchurched altogether, and many of those who have some sort of church background have long left it in their quest for adventure, college, or a paycheck. It is a huge field, and we could use your help.

-We have the chance to literally reach the world.
I’ve met missionaries in cities all over the world. I’ve spoken in four cities. I’ve helped in a Conversational English ministry through a church in Japan. I’m not alone. Sailors, especially those stationed overseas, have a profound opportunity to reach the lost all over the world. It is a daunting undertaking, and we could use your help.

-Because I asked nicely.
In the end, I need your prayers, and I am not afraid to ask for them. Tomorrow I will be posting the four things you could pray for, and I will be opening up the comments to ask sailors to post other things to pray for as well. I need to be bolder with my faith, I need more compassion for my shipmates, and I need protection and mercy for my family. I could sure use your help.

Having just returned from an overseas deployment, I know the value of prayer. I had an aunt praying for me all the time, as well as my wife and others and without those prayers, I am convinced that my deployment would have gone differently, and sadly so.

I am not an official missionary or pastor from any denomination. I simply see a harvest that is too big for me to handle, a desire to reach the lost of the world (and the means to do so), and so I ask for your prayers.

If you already pray for the military, please take a moment to comment on what you pray about, whether you pray for a family member, friend, or in general, and any responses God has given you! If you’re going to start praying now, please let me know what kind of things you plan to pray about! Can’t wait to hear from you!


steve said...

3 Reasons to Pray for Sailors:

1. They Field Day and clean the same spot 5 times or at least until the LPO says secure from Field Day

2. They eat holiday meals on plastic plates with plastic knives and forks (that are cheaper then the ones at KFC)


C. What other job, do you force people that smoke 3 packs a day to exercise to seemlingly no good result.

least thats how I see it....

Zman sends

The Navy Christian said...

Speaking of #2...I have duty on Thanksgiving this year! Good times!