Cross Section of Society

The Military is a cross section of society. You have addicts, whoremongers, good people, pretty people, ugly people, big people, small people, Hispanics, Caucasians, African Americans…indeed, everything you have in the civilian world.

I have served with Wiccans, Atheists, Catholics, democrats, republicans, and a wide assortment of other folks. It’s this reality that makes me proclaim my initial comment and this reality also makes me the missionary desperate for God to get a hold of me. I want to reach out to these guys, even the ones I don’t understand and can’t easily relate to.

The Bible gives an awesome promise regarding this, however, and that is that “There is therefore neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.” Romans teaches us that it's all about God here. He can take all walks of life and make them one in his name. In fact, he loves diversity, so he's got no problem showing the world the color of his kingdom because there is in fact so much color. Please take that verse with you today and pray that, in the Navy and in your own back yard, we will win souls for Christ who will then make up the diverse kingdom he reigns over.

The harvest is ripe in the US Navy. There are souls that need to be saved and you can invest in that work by just finding a military Christian and pleading with God on his/her behalf. Please do so.

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