Military Ministry; circa 1999

I was looking through some old notes on my computer and found this letter I wrote to some churches and missionaries on January 10, 1999. I've done some growing since writing this letter, but I thought it might be interesting to read as it shows the level I was at as a 22 year old witnessing to my shipmates.


Palmerston Baptist Church
Magnetic Island Baptist
Korea International Seaman’s Center
Pattaya International Church
Southern Baptist Missionaries to S. Korea
Calvary Bible Church
Girard Bible Church
High Desert Church
USS FT. McHenry
Religious Serv. Cord: Charlotte Welsch

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hello again from Japan. I trust you all remember the tall white yank who, with others on his ship, went either to church services, tried to finish painting a sanctuary, or just set up some sort of contact with you in the areas of the world you work in. This is simply an update to show you that we still care and are trying to keep in contact with each of you as best we can.

The year 1998 is well and over and we look forward to meeting again with some of you or sending others to worship with you as the Lord provides in 1999. Our Australian friends will have to wait for a while, for we have no ships heading that way, though some will be going south to Brisbane and Sydney, which is certainly a prayer item. The USS Mobile Bay will be sailing to Pattaya Beach once again, and probably on to Korea this year, so a few of you will undoubtedly hear from us again. I trust this does not upset anyone.

There is a major praise note on the “Mobay.” Our team has now been given a service on the ship with which to minister to our own crew. We are now able to fully take to Gospel to the world, beginning in “Jerusalem.” The Lord has added to the number of brothers and we happily report the salvation of a young man by the name of Aaron Irvin. He is now ready for follow up and we pray he does well. We also report the new website that opened the first of the year wherein, those of you with internet access, will notice your names and addresses. The site is Our American Friends will have to settle without, for this is for the travelling sailor…I trust you understand.

I hope to update you all and others as we add them to our list. If you have anything to share, feel free to write back or email me at It has been a wonderful joy to share with you both in the time we met with you and now as I write you. It has been wonderful. I trust the Lord will bless each and every one of you as you continue on.

God Bless,
S. Dan Smith


Tony Farson said...

Ah memories! I too miss those days. Japan looks awesome, and I wish I will be able to return someday. I am glad you got to set foot on the Land of the Rising Sun once more Dan.

The Navy Christian said...

It was good times man...good times.