Ubuntu CE: Interview with the Project Lead

A few weeks ago I published an interview I did with David Kuntadi, the current developer for Ubuntu CE (Christian Edition).You can read other posts on the topic of technology by going HERE and I hope you enjoy the interview with Jereme Hancock, the original developer and the current Project Lead for Ubuntu CE (Christian Edition)!

Note: I added links when appropriate to give you a chance to further research topics we covered in the interview.

DF: What prompted the Christian Edition? What was the "aha" moment?

JH: Well, I saw an internet post about Jesux which was/is a hoax distro. I also saw Ichthux which at the time appeared to be dead. So I basically just decided to build one.

DF: What was the original goal, and has that changed over time?

JH: The goal has always been to offer a niche distro for Christians with built in and easy to configure Parental Controls. The goal hasn't really changed over time but the method of delivery has shifted a bit from release to release.

DF: How much success did the earlier versions have, and how much success would you say CE is having now?

JH: The first few releases were met with skepticism, criticism, and outright contempt. Many people lampooned it and were very hurtful in the response. Ubuntu Satanic Edition was a direct response to our efforts. However, over time those who wanted such a distro have proven that it is needed and wanted. Also other niche distros have spawned since our release such Ubuntu Muslim Edition. I don't take credit for starting anything, but I believe we did help to jump start things a bit.

DF: What made you turn over to David and just hold the Project Lead position?

JH: Well, I had basically ended the project due to other projects that were/are taking a lot of my time such as TheJesusTV.com. David came along and was willing to take over much of the development so I jumped on it. David is awesome and shares the same goals as I do.

DF: How much control do you maintain over the actual distribution as the Project Lead vice being the Development Lead?

JH: Well, I have always wanted the distro to be a community effort. I will still continue to ensure that each release maintains the goals and integrity of previous editions. However, I view David as a partner in this and trust that he is working for the same thing that I am.

DF: What is the future of CE? And Linux for the Christian context?

JH: Well, we (David) is working on a Ubuntu CE Server Edition that will be released soon. This should open up some opportunities for Churches that need Church Management software. As far as Linux as a whole, I hope that Ubuntu CE will help Christians realize that there are options out there.

DF: Can CE ever become what churches and believers use exclusively? Or will Windows always hold that privilege?

JH: Just like the broader Linux world, Ubuntu CE does face some obstacles. However, every time someone switches to Linux we all move closer to the day that hardware manufactures will develop drivers for Linux. This is one of the big things that needs to happen to ensure that people can use their computers to their fullest on Linux. So, yes I do think it (Linux) could become the dominate OS for most everyone. It is just a matter of timing and perception.

DF: What would you say to a church administrator who is looking to upgrade his equipment? Would you try to sway him to CE?

JH: I think Ubuntu CE is a great option for anyone that is looking to upgrade on a budget. So yes I would definitely recommend it to him/her.

DF: Thanks to Jereme for his willingness to answer my questions. If anyone is interested in joining the project as a contributor, leave a comment detailing what you'd like to do or see. And if you want to give Ubuntu CE a try, and you need some help, leave a comment here and I'll get in touch with you.

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TuckLive said...

Very good interview. I also hope that Churches begin to learn about the benefits of Ubuntu.