Temecula Turkey Trot Part II

Results are in for the Temecula Turkey! Here are my official race results:

Time- 59:52
Place- 59th out of 153 finishers
           12th in my division (30-39 males)
           34th among males

Ok, you have no idea how happy I am with these results! I spoke yesterday about my desires for this race (to finish without walking and under 1 hour), and I made both of my goals!

According to the running calculator at Marathon Guide, I should be able to do the half marathon in 2:12:45. In my heart, I would like to finish that thing in under 2 hours, so obviously I have some speed work to do, but you know what? For my first half marathon, if I could finish in under 2:15, I'd be extremely happy.

If you want to see the official results, you can click on the Temecula Turkey trot link HERE. My first name, by the way, is Sheldon, so that's what the results are filed under.


Alicia said...

I'm so proud of you, honey. I already miss you! Have a joy-filled birthday!

Stephanie Kay said...

Happy birthday, Dan!! I hope you accomplish all your goals for this next year! :)

The Navy Christian said...

Thank you Alicia! It's been a good day so far!

Stephanie...we'll see pretty soon. I have a 15K and a half marathon early next year to see how my goals start coming. I'll update as they happen!

Eric said...

Don suggested I follow your blog as i run too. Your times are similar to mine although I haven't run that many races. I did run a 2:12 half last May.

Keep up the good work -- I feel your need for speed.

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks for visiting the blog! I hope you'll make a habit of it like Don has! Anyway, I am feeling out the running thing. I like it a lot, but I need to break through some mental blocks on it. I will be writing about that soon.