Running Update

I was sick last week, so I did what every "mostly-motivated" aspiring half-marathoner would do...I took the week off! I know, it was pathetic. This is actually something that tends to happen. I will work out hard for a few months and then workouts will start to slide. During this time I will also begin to remember how much I really don't care for running or working out. It will become a waste of time in a busy day. And then the workout stops.

Being sick is the perfect catalyst for my workout stoppage. I had a perfect excuse not to run. It looked bleak. On top of that, our daughter is sick now, and was up all night Sunday night with an ear infection, so I was too tired to run on Monday morning.

Last night I knew I had to break out of that slump. I put on my running gear, kissed my wife, and took off. I ran a local road route (3.2 miles) TWICE. It felt so good! Psychologically, I broke the quitter inside of me. Physically, I jump-started my body's muscles again and we're back on track for my half-marathon, which is now less than 3 weeks away. We're on the home stretch!

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