Sermon on Thanksgiving

As a future preacher, my goal is to hone my preaching skills over time so that I can be ready to assume the pulpit full time someday. It is a goal that I take seriously, knowing that God called me to that work a long time ago. This Navy career is but a step in the process.

I would love it very much if you would consider listening to this sermon and commenting below. I need to know what to do to fix, modify, or otherwise improve my sermons before I do this full time. Your help and advice, both from preachers and from lay Christians is greatly appreciated. If nothing else, please let me know if I should keep this sermon in my file, or take it out of my filing cabinet and work on other sermons instead.

This sermon was preached at Tierrasanta Baptist Church in late 2006, just before my 2007 deployment. Please enjoy!


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