Father's Day at the Smith House

I know a million things could go wrong today, but it has started marvelously. First, a particular verse stuck out in my mind from my daily proverbs reading (I try to read the corresponding chapter in Proverbs for what day it is).

 7 The righteous man leads a blameless life;
       blessed are his children after him.

I think I am a righteous man, certainly because of the blood of Christ, but I have learned to make good decisions also due to some great mentors in my life (thanks "dads!"), as well as learning from my own father. Unfortunately, I also learn from the mistakes I've personally made. This is all part of a man's road. I certainly don't lead a blameless life, of course. I just hope that the benefits of a life of integrity will allow for the same blessings for my children that this verse alludes to.

The crux of that paragraph is for the second line, not the first. I want my children to be blessed. I suppose all men want their children to be better off then they are, so that isn't anything new. I am not any better than any other man, at least those men who are striving to help their children be better off.

After reading the Bible, I went downstairs to my son yelling, "surprise! Happy Father's Day!" What a way to start the morning! And on the table were my gifts:

Yes...I got Star Trek for Father's Day! You have no idea how cool that is! For more detail, take a look at this one too:

This is what the coolest wife in the world gives to her geek husband! Thank you Alicia! I love you!

And I love you Timothy and Samantha. I hope you can be blessed after me.


Chris said...

So glad your my mentor!! Hope your fathers day is going well.

The Navy Christian said...

Father's Day is going well. How is yours?