A Picture of God's Grace

I went swimming yesterday morning (going this morning too), because I'm trying to lose some weight without putting too much strain on my joints. Swimming has been good to me in the past, and it's finally warm enough in San Diego to enjoy it in the morning.

Yesterday I got to the pool at 6:00am. The sun was just cresting over the pool structure and about 25 meters down the lane (half way), I noticed a prism effect all around me. The sun was hitting the water and creating a beautiful light show on the pool floor. I was awestruck by the majesty. It's something that can happen on any given day, but there, with the sun just rising over the buildings, something special was there, just for me.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I struggle with my weight. Yet in the midst of that struggle, God showed me a beautiful light show just to let me know that he is there too in my struggle. I don't know if I'll ever beat the sin of gluttony or ever get my weight down to a really manageable level, but I do know this...God has not stopped loving me, nor has he walked away from me. I am so grateful...

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