Finding that "Moment"

I am currently in the middle of a military transition and therefore am not in a typical (for me) status. Instead of being in charge of other FC ratings, I have a conglomerate of sailors working for me, most of them E4 and below, and all of them very young. Many of them have made severe mistakes that have landed them in trouble. Some of those are on their way out of the Navy.

I am convinced that God has placed me within the proximity of these sailors for a purpose. I have already been able to do some spot mentoring with several of them, sharing with them how to move forward in their respective careers, how to bounce back from the mess some of them have made of their lives, and in general, showing them that not everyone is out to get them.

Yet I'm missing something. I know it as sure as it's dark outside as I type this. Several of these sailors need to be introduced to Christ, maybe all of them. I haven't gotten a real good feeling that any are born again. I've been a temporary father/older brother to many of them, but they need something more than me for the long term. They need to come to Christ. And God has chosen to put me in their lives. Someone should have told him he has the wrong guy!

Please join me in praying for the sailors I'm working with right now. I want to reach them, and I'm trying to find the "moment" to bring them to the point of a decision. I'm hoping for the best, and preparing myself to serve God however he needs me to. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers on this matter. To God be the glory!

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Don the Baptist said...

Francis of Assisi has some good words for this: Preach Christ always. When necessary, use words.