The Rest of the Story Part III: Successful Ending

For those who have read parts I and II of my "Rest of the Story" series, I welcome you to what I expect will be the final installment. First of all, a hearty congratulations to everyone who found out yesterday that they made "Chief". I have been passed over two years now, so we'll see how next year goes. It's hard to be too disappointed when God has given me so much, as you will see in this post.

We begin where I left off in my last post. I spent four weeks in the holds division. I mentored Sailors where I could, helped whomever I could help, and worked hard on my weight.

This past Monday, however, was significant. If I were to be able to execute my orders, meaning still get to Great Lakes and teach Navy Sailors, I would need to get into my Journeyman Instructor Training (JIT) classes this week. I was more than a little nervous Saturday and Sunday. I felt that God would carry me through if he were done with me at holds. If he needed me there a little longer, then I wouldn't pass, wouldn't get to go to JIT, and wouldn't get to go to Great Lakes. I had no idea what the Navy would do with me, but I expected I was going to JIT anyway, so I wasn't too worried.

Spiritually, I felt God had done everything with me he needed to do in the holds division. Most of the young Sailors I had worked with were moving on to other things, so I felt that I too would be moving on. That didn't mean Monday morning, with an official weight and body fat check, wasn't more than a little harrowing. But they passed me! God had provided yet again, and I was and am so grateful!

In all, I have lost 4 inches on my waist and a total of 18 pounds. But that was just my part. God really carried the day by providing a way for me to help a bunch of junior sailors. Now that I'm in my instructor school, I am preparing myself to help even more sailors as they prepare for the fleet. So, here I come Great Lakes! Let's see what God will do now!


Don the Baptist said...

Amen. Give 'em Heaven!

Stephanie Kay said...

Good job, Dan! Keep it up! As I told Alicia, I can't wait to see what God does with your family at Great Lakes.

Mark n Misti said...

Wow Dan, what an inspirational story! Congrats on the weight loss, and I pray that God will guide you in everything that you do!


The Navy Christian said...

All of you are wonderful. Your encouragement has been amazing.

Steve said...

Wonderful Dan! Very proud for you and of you.

Remember what God tells us, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11

Now. Agian I'll tell you...Fair winds and following seas, brother.

God bless.


Unknown said...

There is never a "final installment" in our journey to become better. Don't get into a satisfied mindset just because you got into Great Lakes. God got you there but the story really, if anything, is just beginning.

And keep in touch with me. I know the move is hectic, but I enjoy our talks. More importantly, I want to know updates on how you're doing.