2010 Labor Day Message

This is post number 201 for me, meaning that I've crossed a pretty neat little milestone for this site. While it does take dedication and perseverance to write for that long, it isn't anywhere close to the work being put in as we speak by the men who are unloading and unpacking our household goods. That's why I am focusing on the movers this year in my Labor Day Message.

You may recall that last year, I wrote about the men and women who keep our ships going. They are obviously still very important, but the difference is that this year I'm no longer on a ship. And, with the recent PCS transfer move, I've decided to recognize the hard workers who move military folks all over the country...a major, major perk of the military service.

So thank you, Tommy, and thank you to your crew. You guys are amazing. In every case, I've been thoroughly amazed by your ability and hard work. In fact, delivering the goods a day early, and giving up your Labor Day so that I can have my stuff back in my house means a lot to me. If you were a sailor, you'd be my Sailor of the Year. You and your crew rock! Thank you so much!

Well done, fellows! Hope you get some rest soon!

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