Church hunting week 3

I am unfortunately still without Internet in my house, so this post is an experiment. Please bear with me.

Internet woes aside, Alicia and I had the most wonderful time this Sunday at Immanuel Church ( in Gurnee, IL. We settled on this church for this weekend because it is in the same denomination as our former church in San Diego, Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church (

It was definitely a good decision! It was a great experience! Immanuel has a great setup all around. We were definitely pleased.

Our time there started at the children's department. Timothy was excited immediately because of the really great setup for his age group. Today, the day after church, Timothy told Alicia how excited he was because they had a band lead them in singing about Jesus! How awesome is that? Sam was likewise excited when she found out that she was in the "lions" class. She had a great attitude and was only sad at the end when she had to leave.

As for Alicia and me, we had a great time. I haven't seen worship music done that well in a long time. They respected hymns while bringing it to a current level. The pastor was very good as well. At one point, after reading a good amount of scripture, he apologized and then added, "what better thing could I do than read you God's Word?" That, my dear readers, is what I want to hear from a preacher!

Is this our church? I don't know. It stays on the list though, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Sheldon, how does a respected hymn obtain current level? In our church seeking lately, we went with the one that left the hymns alone. Will probably be debated more in time to come. Even in kour new church the youth do like to do their own version of singing. Can't find much fault with it, but I sure do like "amazing Grace" just the way that John Newton wrote it. DAD.

zman said...

Its tough to find a church you are comfortable with, for me i couldnt do it. So my worship is contained with my bible and a social circe where we talk about our heavenly father sort of like our own church...weird yeah but it works.......hope all is well with you...zman sends

The Navy Christian said...

Dad, I know that it can be tough to bring a song that was sung hundreds of years ago to a new level, and many churches do it wrong, but the worship group at Immanuel sure did! It was really good. I know the debate you are talking about and even took part more than once, but this church had it right.

Zman, great thoughts. Can't say I agree with you as I think it's vital to find outside fellowship with other believers, but I also don't have anything overly wrong with what you're doing (of course). Do the house church thing, brother!