Technology Update: Ubuntu Vs. Fedora

I've been a casual Linux user for several years now. I'm not a developer and wouldn't know how to do it if I was paid to. I did some very basic work on a Christian Edition of Ubuntu, but only very basic. Mostly I'm just a computer user who doesn't like anything from Microsoft after XP. I've come to really enjoy Linux and run it on any computer I'm part of, although to be fair I dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows XP on my netbook.

Recently I decided to go back to Fedora for awhile. My very first Linux distribution was Redhat back in 2003. I really liked Redhat. However, once Ubuntu came out (8.04 was my first distro), they really seemed to take over the market share. In fact, Ubuntu is the most popular distro, according to Distro Watch. The nice thing about Linux is that you can use any and all of the distributions, depending on your ability to handle them because some of the distros require a little more ability on the users part than others.

Anyway, back to the original point. I had gone back to Fedora because it was the beginning of my foray into Linux. Alas, however, after using it for a few weeks now, it's just not Ubuntu. I haven't wanted to admit that, but it's a fact. I don't mean to upset any Fedora users, because I would love to be one and I appreciate Fedora a lot. Nevertheless, I'm installing Ubuntu on my formerly Fedora computer and making the switch, I think, for good.

Don't be upset about that. Ubuntu is a top-class operating system that can beat Windows. I'm just saying... Now, I'm not saying that you should run out and use Ubuntu instead of whatever you are using. Do whatever you want! That's the great thing about Linux. However, I am making the formal and official switch from Fedora (and SUSE, Slackware, and others I've tried) because the future of Linux is in Ubuntu. A number of side distributions come from Ubuntu, such as Ubuntu Christian Edition, which I also highly recommend, and which shows up at 91, but has shown up as high as the mid-40s on the list of 100 top distributions.

Those of you who use Ubuntu Linux will agree that it is awesome, and those of you who use a different Linux will probably think I'm crazy. Those of you who use MacOS will think we should all join Apple and those who use Microsoft won't care. It's all good! The point is that Ubuntu is my distro of choice, and I recommend it to you highly.

What computer system do you use?

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