Nigeria and Persecuted Christians

New attacks against Christians have broken out in Nigeria since just before Christmas of 2010. According to Catholic Culture, 25% of Nigeria is protestant Christian, and 18 of those brothers and sisters are now in God's presence due to the violence on the 13th of January. 84 Christians were killed on Christmas Eve, although I don't know how many of them were Catholic.

There is some concern that the military, or at least people in the military, are responsible for some of the attacks, according to All Voices. All Africa reported that a Bible study was shot up, injuring several attendees, on the 29th of December.

I have a friend on Facebook who is upset at me wanting to proclaim freedom for Sudan's Christians (votes are being tallied in that election as we speak). I am ok with him disagreeing with me, but surely he won't disagree that the violence against Christians is wrong. Surely there is no sane American, whether a believer in Christ or not, who would blame the Christians for the attacks against them in Jos and other parts of Nigeria. Shame on them if they do.

What can be done? I don't know, and I feel powerless. I know of a doctor in Jos who hasn't updated his blog in some time, so I haven't heard the eye-witness account (I will update if he mentions anything). Immanuel Church in Gurnee, Illinois, where Alicia and I attended as part of our church hunting adventure, has a missionary over there and is holding a prayer event on Wednesday to mobilize the Christian congregation to pray for help. I have been praying for various countries since starting this project several weeks ago, and I will hope to join the church in this effort, even if I am not with them in person.

Nigeria is listed as #23 on the world list of persecuting countries, according to Open Doors USA.

I know that Christ said persecution would come, but it still hurts.

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