A Revival Might be Underway

No pun intended, but I think a revival might be underway in the Navy. I'm in no condition to speak as an authority as I am only one man doing what God wants me to do, but as I review a few key points, I am starting to see some things come to light. They are as follows:

1.  More people are willing to pray for a specific reason. The first year I held the Military Prayer Week, maybe a dozen people signed up. In 2010, 54 people signed up to do the Military Prayer Week! I expect many, many more next year!

2.  Ministry is continuing on the USS Antietam even after I left. When I left my first ship, the USS Mobile Bay, after having led the ministry for a few years, all forward momentum died away. In fact, I don't know a single military Christian from that ship that is still in the Navy. However, on the USS Antietam, several young believers I had mentored while there are still carrying out the ministry even after I transfered. This means that the transfer of the work has been a success. In fact, there is even some headway being made on that ship that hadn't been made while I was there. God is moving there for sure!

3.  Several young people are giving their lives to Christ at Boot Camp and in initial training. Nick Bair, who is the Religious Programs Director for Great Lakes and is a Campus Crusade for Christ missionary, told me that over 100 Sailors accepted Christ as savior in 2009 (numbers for 2010 aren't compiled yet, but it should be a large number)! That number is staggering! God is clearly making an impact and should this continue, we're going to see huge numbers of fresh believers in the fleet as these Sailors make their way through the training pipeline.

A few weeks ago I stated that a revival can sweep our country in 2020 if we focus on the military now. I still believe that, and I believe that we might be seeing just the beginning thread of this revival. Please, whatever you do...keep praying!

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