Top Stories for 2011

The New Year is only a few hours old, and before I can even mourn the loss of 2010 I'm already thinking forward to what this year has in store. Here are some predictions for the year 2011:

1. Don't Ask Don't Tell will be implemented with mixed reviews and lead to the issue of national acceptance for homosexual couples in marriage. The real issue for 2011 won't be how the military accepted the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, but that it was a social experiment for other homosexual inroads into society at large. I don't believe this will keep Christians from being able to share their views, but I do think that we will be called bigots…oh wait…we already are.

2. Sara Palin and her family will (hopefully) become so over-exposed that she loses hope in becoming a presidential candidate in 2012. I'm telling anyone how to vote though. I'm just hoping she doesn't really make a run for it.

3.  Mike Huckabee will hopefully not do the above and will stay smartly in the game. I need him around in 2012.

4. President Obama will continue to need to compromise his original intent in order to get things done in the last few years of his first term. This will keep him focused on explaining his actions to his base, like he had to do with the tax rules this year.

5. Liberty University will have an evangelical commencement speaker this year (I hope) so that I can go there to receive my diploma (God willing), without having to say the Serenity Prayer like they had to last year.

Ok, what do you think will be the big news of this year?

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