Together through John, Week 1

As you know from my previous post, we started an on base Bible study fellowship. I'm happy to report that on our first week we had 12 people come! I was surprised and excited. Rarely on a ship have I ever had that many. I'm so blessed to see so many staff and graduates coming to the study. I hope it grows from here!

Without further delay, here are our notes from week 1:

Week 1: John Chapter 1

Vs 1-5:
• Read Genesis 1:26. Compare and contrast the wording in Genesis with the wording in John. What does that mean for you? What does it say about Jesus?
o Jesus was not part of the creation…he was the creator.
o Christ was present at the creation.

Vs 6-13:
• Why did Jesus need a witness?
o Jewish Law required two witnesses in most cases. John the Baptist was fulfilling this legal requirement.
• Was John the Baptist effective as a witness?
o He was obedient to the calling on his life, therefore he was successful.
o We’re still talking about him and Christ, aren’t we? (Thank you Chaplain Weikel!)
• What does adoption mean in the spiritual context?
o We as Gentiles are grafted into the family of Israel. Important because all Gentiles are orphans spiritually.
o It meant a lot to a Jew to be adopted, as an orphan was a reject. God was showing that he was the Father to all, even the rejects.
• What were the Jews looking for? A government leader? If so, why did they ask John if he was the Messiah?
o John the Baptist was outspoken, a little brash, and gruff with his opponents. The Jews could have thought he might carry that on against the Romans in time and free them from oppression.
o John was killed because Herod thought he was a threat.
o Jesus was a meek individual and taught counter-culture of the time. He was too nice for the Jews to think he was the King.

That's as far as we got on our 20 minute Bible study, but here are some additional thoughts for you to work out for yourself this weekend: 

Vs 14-18:
• John is a witness in verse 14. Contrast that verse with the above discussion and record your thoughts here:

Vs 19-28
• Why did John the Baptist keep his answers mostly short? Why did he finally open up at the end of this section? (vs 26-28)

Vs 29-34
• Many have asked the reason Jesus was baptized. Some say it was because he was beginning a ministry. Others say it was because He had to follow the requirement for the Kingdom. Read vs 31 and record your thoughts here:

Vs 35-51:
• Notice John’s lack of jealousy (vs 37).

• Notice Andrew finding his brother (vs 41). What is the significance of witnessing to a family member? How much impact does that have in your life?

Well, that was week 1 of our on base Bible study. Keep up the good work and let's study John together!

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