I'm not a Theologian

The more I work on this term paper on the doctrine of the rapture, the more I realize that I'm not a theologian. I get impatient when more than one side is presenting an argument and I give up, especially when the answer to the issue does not change the requirements put on my by Christ. I do still believe that the rapture will happen, though I'm not sure I believe the Dispensational theory that the church is a sort of Biblical hiccup. I think there is more to it than that. Nevertheless, there you have it. Eight weeks of study and that's what I've come up with, although my 12-15 page paper will say it in more glowing terms.

I'm a hands-on type of Christian, though I wish I was a thinker like my dad and grandpa. They can and could debate the finer points of theology (my grandpa loved the idea of an old earth and would argue the gap theory) while I get tired with it pretty quickly.

That doesn't mean I'm trying to be a snob when it comes to those who are thinkers, nor do I judge those who go after a PhD in religion. God has planted a mentoring heart in me and it's growing like a weed (poor example). I'm rough around the edges (spiritually speaking), I don't know any Greek, nor do I have a desire to learn it, and I think there is a problem with the language that most Christians use.

Maybe it's because I'm an enlisted man in the Navy. I think it might be that. I see how officers act and talk and it's not my style. Similarly, I see how the theologians talk and it's not for me. Still, I'm grateful for them. I know a couple of men who are real thinkers, and I appreciate them more than they know. Sorry I can't be like you fellas. Just not who I am. Or maybe it's that I don't want to be like you. You work too hard. I don't know what it is. It's just the fact.

But show me a guy who needs to be mentored, even if it's just for a little while, and I'm in my element!


Jin-roh said...

It's pretty high-minded of your grandfather to be an OEC. It is rare -especially of the older generation- to be both dispensational and OEC. Dispies are often YEC.

The Navy Christian said...

You know, now that you mention it, he was kind of unique in that way. I have followed in his footsteps, except that maybe I'm not as dispensational in my theology as he was.

Mark n Misti said...

I am exactly the same way! I don't think it is going to matter if I can present ALL the finer points of the Bible....as long as I can get across the message of Salvation, and continue to lead others to Christ by using my life as a "don't do this" analogy, I am good! I believe that God knows that i am a rough around th edges kind of guy as well, and he uses that to HIS advantage. Keep up the good work Dan!