Why does the church need Distributed Experience?

I believe that a social network designed to help connect experienced Christians with those of less experience would be beneficial to the church in order to spread the message of Christ, to show the world our love and concern for one another, and to build future generations of the church. I've mentioned that I believe there are wasted assets in the church. Mentoring can recover those assets.

In the military, we talk about communities of practice. They lead to better knowledge transfer, something that is difficult to do considering the high turnover that takes place because of our jobs. While the timing isn't as critical due to turnover in the church as  whole, it is becoming an issue as some of the last generations who knew how to mentor pass on. The simple fact is that the church as a whole needs a community of practice. Distributed Experience will provide that community of practice.

Unless you are the type of Christian who wants to keep the power you have all to yourself or you don't care about the future of the church (or assume that the status quo will work), then you simply must understand that this is what we need. You need this. Whether developed by Navy Christian or developed by someone else, we need to stop pretending that the level of mentoring and information exchange we have now is good enough.

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