It's Monday Again

It's Monday again, and that means I'm trying to reign in my insatiable desire to eat everything that is bad for me again. I can't believe that I still do this to myself. Things were supposed to be different after making Chief Petty Officer, but I guess sometimes things just don't change that easily.

How many times have you had Monday come again? Are you like me and it pretty much comes every week? Worse than that, by Wednesday, you've already overeaten at least once and you're saying, "Well, I'll start again on next Monday?" I've done that too. Well, I hoist my water glass to you to this being the last Monday.

I put 12 pounds back on from making Chief. Today, in order to support my Church, I did some stuff food-wise to help me accept the plight of the hungry. It helped me realize what hunger was, and it made me grateful that I'm not struggling with hunger on a daily basis. But it obviously made me realize that I am at a deficit when it comes to understanding what the destitute go through. Not only am I NOT hungry most days, but I'm also overly full! Gluttony is a sin that robs us of our sensitivity to those who are without.

I'm done with it. Here's to no more Mondays!

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