Why so many blog topics on Navy Christian?

Blogging sense defies me. It's probably why I'll never be famous. I'm not consistent enough with my blogging. The fact is that I'm just too spread out myself. I wear a lot of hats, like a lot of men do. I'm a Sailor, a senior leader at my job, a father, a runner, a husband, a Christian, a seminary student, a minister-at-large, a mentor, a writer, a protégé, and a flash-mob organizer (ok, the last one isn't true, although I wish I was one).

So my blog does the same thing (except the flash-mob thing). I will think of a mentoring piece I want to write and then write it. Then an article about eating or running with strike my fancy and I'll do that. The bottom line is that I really like to write about a lot of different things.

One thing that hopefully runs through all of my articles, indeed my entire blog, is that I want to help men become better men. I hope you'll see that as well, and enjoy the posts I write. My desire is consistent, even if my choice of topics isn't.

So whether you're here for problems with health, family, mentoring, or any of the other hundred things I'm about, please join in the conversation!


Unknown said...

Covering a wide variety of topics is not a bad thing. In fact, you could end up reaching a much larger and broader audience than a blog that is more specific to one topic. As a teacher, husband, runner, father, trainer, coach, grad student, etc., I enjoy blogs (and other publications) that cover a little bit of everything for everyone. Obviously, it makes it difficult to cover any one topic in great detail, but you could still do it. Anyway, happy blogging!

The Navy Christian said...

That is actually what I'm hoping for. My desire is to just blog what makes me happy and feel content. I am made up of many parts, and so it's just natural that my blog is too.

boilt frog said...

Why do you want to be a flash-mob organizer?

No need to defend your blog. It's yours; you can write what you want. Or you can write what others want. Where is that paper about the rapture? The boilt frog is hungry.

The Navy Christian said...

I turned in my paper on the rapture a long time ago, so I haven't actually worked on it in a long time. Maybe after this semester I'll look back into it.