A Win for all Linux Geeks

I've seen some Linux/Unix systems incorporated into military gear before. Because I'm not comfortable with the secrecy requirements of the equipment that isn't stuff I work on, I won't divulge information on what I've seen with my own eyes. However, something has come to light which makes my inner geek giggle with delight!

A story broken by Naval Open Source Intelligence states that the famed US killer drones are now flying on a Linux-based system vice a Windows-based system. The fact is I don't know why this didn't happen sooner. You can say whatever you want about the advances Windows has made with the "7" launch in the area of security, but it isn't what Linux has. Point, Set, Match.

And even with advances in Windows 7 in terms of security, very few military systems are running on the newest OS from Microsoft. We are, sadly, almost always a few models behind. My system for tracking students is still in the 2000/NT era (or before actually) and our daily operating OS is a trumped-up XP.

Anyway, it looks like at least part of the military has realized this and has made the smart move: we're now going to be killing terrorists with Linux. It's about time!


Don the Baptist said...

Nuke 'em, Dan-O!

George P.H. said...

Wow, I can't believe you're still using 2000/NT software. Unbelievable, it's 2012!

The Navy Christian said...

Yeah, most of our stuff is pretty nice, but some of it is around ancient.

boilt frog said...

This is not a win for the Linus geeks on the receiving end

The Navy Christian said...

I suppose that is a true statement! Hey, it's not that I want to chase away a new reader, but who are you? You don't have a profile attached to your moniker, which is cool by the way. Boilt frog has to be the most original name I've ever seen.

boilt frog said...

Clues of identity will transpire in the comments. Consider it an exercise in analysis. Read the Sherlock Holmes stories.
The larger issue in my previous comment is the desirability of war removed consequence. Civilian casualties in our wars are a real horror. There is a large moral issue here that Christians are uniquely qualified to address. War can become banal. Button pushed, target hit, shift over. "What did you do on the battlefield today, Daddy?"
I am not a pacifist, but I have difficulty reconciling the wars since 1945 with the oath of office the military takes.
Thanks for the compliment on the name. It is a reference to gradualism. It is a solecism used where I used to be.

boilt frog said...

More on drones.