CPO 365 Community Relations Project

As part of our ongoing effort to usher in a new wave of US Navy Chief Petty Officers, and to align our command with the MCPON's guidance, my command joined the CPO Mess with the First Class Association for a join Community Relations Project at a local food bank.

I had worked with them before and I know they do good work in the community, so it was a no-brainer to get my group involved when they came to North Chicago on their sweep of Lake County communities. Below are several pictures from the event:

It was a great first opportunity to show our effort to the community. In all, we served somewhere around 150 people and helped take care of their basic needs. Well done to all who were there!


boilt frog said...

Please translate into civilianese

CPO Mess
First Class Association

How's the Bible reading schedule? For some reason, mine has not progressed past your first listing. I think it is a petty-officer problem. If one of the men under your authority....



The Navy Christian said...

Sorry it took me so long. Here are some definitions:

CPO Mess-Chief Petty Officer's Mess. It's the organization that I belong to as a Navy Chief.

MCPON-Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. He's the senior enlisted leader in the Navy.

First Class Association-the organization that all of my First Class Petty Officers belong to.

The Bible reading schedule isn't doing very well. I am about two days behind right now. With classes, work, and family, I'm running out of energy and time. Hopefully I can get back on track. I like the idea of posting a little snippet every day. We'll see if it can happen. I shall endeavor to rectify the problem.

boilt frog said...

Post the schedule. That way I can read with you. (I also can nag you!) I know what busy is, but if we do this together one may lift the fallen one.