Feeding the Dragon

So the honest truth is that Sea Stories isn't my first book. In fact, there were two books before Sea Stories. My first book ever published was called The Art of Defense, and it was a Christian fantasy novelette. Sadly, I chose a bad publisher and so it died on the vine. Apparently, Amazon still has a few copies. Someday, I want to take the time to rework it and republish it with a new publisher.

My second book, and honestly my most successful book to date, is Feeding the Dragon, which is a tale of seaborne piracy and a naval battle between a US Navy battle group and a Chinese fleet. I wrote the book while stationed on the USS Mobile Bay, and it was published when I was stationed on the USS Antietam. It is, in a very small way, my personal fantasy of someday becoming a great naval war hero. Alas, that's not going to happen, but hopefully Feeding the Dragon was a stepping stone to a writing career.

Unfortunately, Feeding the Dragon has a few sections that aren't acceptable for a Christian audience. I wrote some portions when I was more interested in selling books than being a good Christian witness. So the bottom line is that the book probably isn't a good option for my more Christian audience. As it is my writing, however, and as I am partial to my writing, I still think it's a good book despite the above issues.

If you go to the Kindle page for the book, you can download a sample. If you like it, please consider buying it. Thank you for your time!

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Steve said...


I love the title and I’m looking forward to reading it. But I had to laugh because of a line I use for Revelation 12. The Satan is called a Red Dragon. I reference back to Genesis 3 where he is the serpent. Then I say something like, “He was a snake in the Garden but now he is a dragon. Somebody’s been feeding that joker!” So, Feeding the Dragon made me chuckle, even if it’s just to myself.