Running with Good Memories

In September of 2011 I ran in the inaugural Fort2Base 10 Nautical mile race. For those who don't know the difference between nautical and standard miles, the race was 11.5 miles long. I had been in Chief Petty Officer Induction for about six weeks by that time, so I was in really good shape. I ran that race in 1:45:44 with an average pace of 8:56. Felt awesome!

As I was getting out onto the streets and into shape this spring, I felt too weak and embarrassed to run on the bike path that Fort2Base uses for the race, so I stuck to my local neighborhoods. Lately, though, I have ventured out to the race path, much to my pleasure. Some of the runs haven't been very productive, but some have been absolutely fascinating! What follows is a short photo diary of my latest run:

 We ran past a few older looking train stations on our route. The one above is the Lake Bluff station if my memory serves me right.

 The rest of the time we just met beautiful views like these. It was an amazing race!

 Apparently, the Army uses this track too.

That's Recruit Training Command...responsible for ruining about 10 weeks of my youth back in 1996.

In all, these runs have brought back wonderful memories of running against and with Jimmy Salazar, who also made Chief Petty Officer when I did. One of the better days of my life (esp when I saw my wife and kids cheering me on!) and one that I'm happy to relive as I train for this year's Fort2Base race and the Chicago Marathon.

Make sure you go to Fort2Base's website and register if you're up for a gorgeous and fun race!


Steve said...

Keep it up Chief! Outstanding!

Oh, wait, flash backs to RTC again.

What Army is near you? Didn’t think they had a presence up that way. Seems I was always sharing; in Groton it was with the puddle pirates and in Dam Neck it was the flyboys from Oceana, The Marines from Pendleton were the worst.

boilt frog said...

If it had said "Marines," you could have put a point on that line. It would have sent them in the wrong direction, and you would have won. They teach this sort of thing in the advanced inter-service budget warfare school. The Army uses it to win the football game.

Unknown said...

Looks like a cool race. Good scenery, and a good track for the most part.