What I can do for You

I can do two things for you. First, I can teach you what it means to be a believer in the military. I'm active duty in the Navy and have been for 16 years. I know what it takes to maintain the faith when bombarded by the myriad of things that Sailors face on a daily basis. I know what churches need to do to help them out. I know this first hand. If you want to support the military, and more importantly, if you want to support the believers in the military, then I can help you learn how.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, I can teach your church how to become a mentoring community. Because I think this is so important, I'm willing to consult for free on the issue. I'll come give training lectures to your staff and/or congregation. I'll show you and your people how to do it. I'll help you get a program started. If you're outside of the Chicagoland region, I'll help you via Skype or phone. I'm that serious about it. I hope you are too. Then, if you or your people want more information, they can order the ebook on the subject later.

I care so much about these two topics that I wrote a few ebooks on the subject, which are available for download from ibooks, nook, kobo, or PDF to your computer or handheld device. You can see the publisher links for both of those projects below.

Sea Stories: A Sailor's Story of Faith on the Sea

Building a Mentoring Community

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