Melancholy Voting

I think I was so busy wanting change four years ago that I was relieved when the Democrats won. I didn’t necessarily want Obama. I feel like I had seen through some things about him that others missed. Still, I felt he was going to win from the start simply because America was tired of Republicans. Like it or not, it was the truth. President Obama was charismatic and brought a lot of hope. People flocked to him. It was bound to happen.

Tonight, however, I’m just dismayed. I don’t really like Romney. I don’t like the idea that the evangelicals in America have bought his campaign even though he doesn’t believe in Christ. Yet I don’t like the rampant liberalism that the President represents.

Be it clearly stated that I will serve whoever wins tonight. I just wish there was a different option…or at least a third option. We need to redesign the program so that there is a different option. A real candidate that evangelicals could get behind. A candidate that the military can get behind (I’ll stir up some scary thoughts with that one!). Shoot, get a candidate that the liberals can actually get behind. I just wish there was more for us.

So, with much melancholy in my spirit, I wait for the results. As I write this, Romney is winning. I don’t know how long it will last though.

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