New Hashtag for Military Prayer Day!

I'm very excited for the 4th Annual Military Prayer Event. While I’ve made the choice to condense it to a single day instead of a full week this year, I think it has the potential to be even bigger, more focused, and more powerful than ever before.

One key reason for this is Twitter. In previous years, I've used Facebook and Navy Christian to raise awareness for the event. I will continue to do so. In fact, I've expanded this offering as well by creating the even through the Navy Christian Facebook page and looking into guest posts. But that is not enough. Starting now, any time you want to pray for the military, and want the rest of the world to know it, please use the Twitter hashtag: #prayforthemilitary.

My hope is that it can trend on that day to spread awareness for the reasons we need to pray for the military. Speaking of which, please use the labels Military Ministry and Praying for the Military on the right to learn more about the work we do in serving the military's spiritual needs!

Please help me spread the word on the 11th of November. I want the entire country praying for a revival in the military. Thanks!


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