Army of One

Army of One

I look around me as a sailor in the Navy and I realize one stark reality...there aren't enough of us. In fact, I've felt so incredibly lonely at times. I have spent entire years in my Naval service begging God for a single friend; a companion...someone to help me in the work. Very seldom was that prayer answered the way I would like it to have been answered.

And recently, God felt it was right to take a good friend of mine away. He and I weren't in communication as often anymore as he was a missionary in Africa, but he was still my friend. Sometimes I don't understand the plan. Scratch that. I hardly ever understand the plan.

This loneliness isn't always just a pity party. Sometimes, like right now, it represents a real problem. In the Gospels, Jesus tells us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into the harvest. Here's the problem: I've prayed for them...they haven't been coming. Worst, the revival I thought might be on its way seems to be snuffed out. Student ministries are down on base, our staff Bible study has waned, and some of the best powerhouses in the ministry have left the Navy as their tours ended.

We need more believers. I don't want to be an army of one. I want to be one of many. If you aren't praying, please do.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you and your ministry. - Jesse

The Navy Christian said...

Thank you! We could sure use it!

boilt frog said...

2 Tim 4:9 ff may be of help.

"God felt it was right to take a good friend of mine away." Did he die?

Since time is one of less responsibility, what can you do with the extra time? It is always good to take a self-inventory. Is this a mentor thyself time?

best blessings.


The Navy Christian said...

Thank you for the verse. My friend Chris passed away from a brain infection while serving as a missionary in Africa. I plan to post a considerable amount on the blog Saturday as that is the day of his memorial in the USA.