Samantha in the hospital, Day 10 (Sam gets a break!)

Sam got a short break on Day 9 from the hospital. We were allowed to take her out to lunch at Applebees (Timothy wanted to pay for her meal). She had a great time, but since the following night was so bad, with her "deserting" into the 70%, I didn't think we'd get to go out again. Thankfully, the doctors felt it was still ok to get a pass from the hospital to go out for a few hours. 

What did Sam want to do? Get her hair done! Well, she's definitely a girl. With all of the effort she puts in to exploring little brooks and catching preying mantises, sometimes I wonder. Anyway, I readily agreed to the hair cutting because I needed one pretty bad. I hadn't shaved in 10 days and my hair was getting pretty unkempt. 

So we went to get her hair done. Sam really enjoyed it, and the ladies at the Supercuts made over her real nice because she was on a pass from the hospital. It was so nice. 

Because I was in the Navy, and my stylist (do guys call them that?) wanted to thank me, I got a scalp massage out of the deal. That, my friends, is awesome.

So if you ever need a haircut and you are near Wauwatosa, WI, go to the Supercuts. They rock!

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