Military Invocation and Benediction for Commissioning Ceremony

My blog gets looked at fairly often when someone wants to know what a military benediction or invocation looks like. While this is just one I've used (name changed), it is a fairly common style. If you are looking for a template, then please  feel free to use it. This is an example of one I used for a commissioning ceremony.


Dear Father, I am grateful for the opportunity to join with these sailors, chiefs, and officers in thanking you for a career well spent for FCC Jacobson. We are looking forward to what his commission will do for him, and what he will do for the Navy because of it. It is with heavy anticipation that we look forward to the ceremony and to the new chapter in this man’s life.

Thank you for this opportunity, Father. May your will be served.

In your holy Name, Amen


Father, We look forward to great things from this man. We expect nothing less than the best as he proceeds, under your umbrella, with the new direction his career has taken. Please shine your light upon him as he goes out to do his best for you, for our country, and for the Navy. Please bless him in his future assignments.

In your name, Amen

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