What to do with that Gift Card

Hey there...I see you have a gift card to iTunes (or is it BarnesandNoble.com? Or Amazon?). Anyway, kind of hard to see from here. I was wondering if you needed some help deciding what to spend it on. I'd like to give you four ideas. No pressure, mind you, just some ideas.

Over the last several years, I have published four books available for Nook and iBooks and two books for the Kindle. I bet that one of my books would interest you, and I'd love for you to give one (or two) a try. Here is a breakdown of the four books:

Sea Stories, a Sailor's Story of Faith on the Sea
Sea Stories is the journey of a US Navy Sailor traveling the Pacific. During these cruises, he learns not only about missions, but his own faith as well.

After meeting countless missionaries in nine countries, Dan Smith has the stories and experience to share not only how to be involved in missions, but how to support missionaries and military personnel.

This book is a must for those who support missionaries and the military. Church leaders will find the information in this book to be valuable for small group leaders and the congregation as a whole.

Building a Mentoring Community
Mentoring, otherwise known in church circles as discipleship, is not easy. However, it is possibly the most important thing Christians can do to help strengthen the next generation of Christians. This ebook tells you how to do it!

Trident Defense
 "We had been left with no choice. They were coming, and time was running out.” (Chapter 1-Trident Defense)

In a classic alien invasion tale, US astronaut J. William Seymour and his crew must risk everything to prevent Earth's devastation and try to figure out the greater evil that looms behind the aliens!

Top 5 Unknown Linux Distros of 2013
What a year 2013 was for Linux! With each distribution, the greater Linux community gets closer to perfection. It's easy to take note of the big guys, like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and others, but what about the lesser-knowns of the Linux world? Is there a place for them?

I compiled some reviews of these lesser-known from my blog (www.navychristian.org) and other sources. It is my hope that these reviews will help you expand your understanding of the world of Linux and expose you to some distros that you might not otherwise explore.

Whatever your personal desire, be it memoirs, mentoring, sci-fi, or tech gear, I have written a book for you. Download and enjoy today!

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