Taking the Rapture Live

I've been struggling for awhile about publishing my work on the rapture and living by it. I grew up with the idea that the rapture could happen at any time, and I still believe it could. For some reason though, I'm afraid to release my writing into the world. The world, at least the Christian world, is more hostile to the idea of the rapture than it was when I was a kid, or maybe I just never understood the church world outside of Kansas. Anyway, I've been sitting on my research for a very long time.

My work toward writing about the rapture started on this blog back in November of 2010. Since then I've periodically experimented my ideas on this blog, in Bible studies, in seminary classes, and in general discussion. I have read plenty of books, both supporting my views and discrediting them.

I guess that I'm just afraid that the work will be rejected. It's irrational to say the least. A large proponent of American Christianity strongly believes in the rapture, and dispensationalism on top of that. I just know some will judge. It bothers me.

Still, I think my writing is sound. I've researched the topic, looked at the counterpoints, and I've rewritten my research several times. It's time to set it free and see what happens.

Stand by. Details of the release date will be forthcoming.

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