Back to Work...Kind of

As my wife Alicia wrote in her vocabulary lesson, Friday was a day back to work for me. I didn't want to be back to work and dreaded it for a variety of reasons that I won't name here. Yet God blessed me on the ship in the following ways:

1. It was an easy day. Aside from the rustiness that I naturally had to shake off after a few weeks of vacation, the day was splendid with very few issues. I needed that so badly and I'm grateful that God provided that.

2. I got to meet up with some of my guys. I call them my guys because I don't want to call them proteges. I mean, honestly, it would be horrible to label them that way. Who would want to be known as my protege? But the fact is, I have been, in some way, mentoring these men for the last several months. Checking in on them was a joy. I heard many great stories of stand down and where they were with their walk.

One of my guys let me know that his application to become a US Navy chaplain was almost complete. Another told me that he wanted to come to church with me this coming Sunday. The third warrior I talked with told me that he was excited about going home and looked forward to visiting what could be called his "home" church. Finally, I confirmed with a fourth man that he was still in the scriptures and learning a lot.

This brings me so much joy. These relationships are such a joy for me. I can't wait to get them all back together when we officially go back to work in August. I look forward to helping them wherever they might need it.

I have written about how important mentorship is in Christianity, and even though I don't know if I'm old enough, or wise enough, to be considered one, I am excited to do my part. God is good to me.


Katey said...

That's great about the "guys." And awesome that they have a friend like you they can learn from!!

The Navy Christian said...

Thank you Katey! As usual, you show your gift of encouragement to be truly from the Father! Great to have your comments!