Marc Driscoll

Listen to this and then, if you're still interested, read my thoughts:

I have tried to find the words to say what I feel right now after listening to Mark pound men through his sermon. I want to say so much, but I think he covers pretty much everything. As a man who is trying to stay clean myself, and to lead other men in the same quest, this is amazing work.

It is a reminder also of the work I still have to do. Is there something that I need to say to Alicia? Have I wronged her in any way? Furthermore, is there a fight coming that I need to prepare for? My current success, morally and physically, will be quickly forgotten if I fail the next test. Finally, is there a particular prayer that needs to be said?

No other words I could add would give more weight to what Mark Driscoll said, and it's good that way. I just need to make sure I'm not in the wrong anywhere.

I got this originally from a blog I just started subscribing too. It's a great read, and I recommend you head over to Jared Wilson's blog to read up on some of his other writing as well.


HCJoel said...

I like parts of what he said but other parts, I believe, he's wrong. All that stuff about not treating women negatively? Absolutely correctly. We don't talk enough about this within the Body. It's easier to talk about other topics that have no direct impact on us (i.e., almost all doctrinal squabbles).

But then questioning a guy's attendance at his church because of his poor behaviour? That might be why the guy's still be coming, to hear that message! Maybe he's at a certain point in his life where now God can use Mark to hear this message. And referencing that God might kill a guy right there. Where is that? That happened once in the NT and it was not a pattern.

Thanks for posting this. I dislike what I know of Driscoll (a lot) but this reminded me that even people I disagree with can make positive points.

The Navy Christian said...

I am grateful for your comment, Joel. I tell you honestly what I think, and that is that a lot of men respond to strong arguments like the ones in this video.

Let's be honest...while there are a lot of good men out there...a lot of men are substandard. Maybe it's their fault and maybe it's not all their fault, but it's true. If we can get behind sermons like this, no matter how we feel about the preacher, then we can see a difference.

As for talking about God killing someone in their seat, I keep wondering why God doesn't do it more. It helped in the early church, at least as far as we know. I'm glad he said it.

You and I may disagree about this, but I thought he was spot on and I enjoyed it, if not a little stung by it in my own life.

Thanks for stopping by!