Ubuntu CE Church Management Software

David, the development lead over at Ubuntu CE (Christian Edition), wrote me last night to announce that a server edition now exists that contains church management software, something I stated would be absolutely necessary for Linux to contend for a place in the church world.

Here is his comment from last night: The dream comes true, I have release Ubuntu CE server edition. Below is a "soft release".

Clicking the "soft release" will take you to the forum where you can see the information.

Now we need a small church that will give this a shot. Until then, I need to know from people who have tried it. From what I can read so far, it looks so promising! I'm going to burn it today and just look at it from a layperson's perspective.

What I'm most excited about is ChurchInfo, which is a database program free for download and configured to work with Ubuntu CE's server edition. I'm still looking into this as well, so expect a review on that. This was, after all, one of my chief concerns regarding Ubuntu CE.

I know not everyone has read down this far because there aren't exactly a large number of Ubuntu geeks who happen also to be Christians who also happen to want cheap church operating software so that churches will have more money to spend on missions, outreach, etc. I pretty much just boxed myself in to a corner. I get that.

But if you have any tech in you...look into Ubuntu CE. I've changed most of my opinions and run it on my computer at home. It's worth looking into!


web church connect said...

I've been working for WCC a small development team that has developed, designed and just recently launched a highly affordable but robust ChMS that you might want to look into.

It looks like UBUNTU CE is working for you but we would be more than happy to show you a quick tutorial.

Unknown said...

That is good job! i love to use Ubuntu and i need such Church software for working and now i can use it on Ubuntu.