Football: Who I'm rooting for...

Well, it's the first weekend for football, and Timothy and I just finished watching Navy come very close to upsetting Ohio State. It was amazing, even if a bit frustrating at the end. Still, watching football again for the first time this season offered an opportunity to put out my favorite football teams for discussion. Since Timothy is using the computer downstairs to familiarize himself with this year's college football season, I thought I'd slide up to my other computer and let you know who I'm rooting for. If you want to suggest a reason I'm insane for liking the teams I do, that's fine, but here are my teams:

1.  Kansas: I'm from Kansas, so why would I go for any other team? Oh, I know there was a time when I rooted for K-State during football season, and truth be told, I'd still rather see a Kansas team win than a non-Kansas team win, but for the record, I'm a Kansas fan. I'm very excited about what Todd Reesing and the guys will do this year. I plan on trying out the chant early and often!

2.  Navy: A lot of sailors don't care much for the academy because it puts out officers, but I was raised on the academy and KU sports, so I've always been a fan. I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased by the resurgence of Navy football. It was so tiring watching the Air Force win and the Navy never coming close. That has changed since the 90's and I'm glad I've been part of the fan base.

3.  Liberty University: Ok, for the record, I'm trying this one on for size. There's no telling how this will turn out. Liberty isn't a strong team and they don't look to get strong any time soon. Still, I'm going to the seminary associated with the school, so I'm going to give it a try this year and see how it goes. I would definitely consider myself a fair-weather fan at this point. I have a blanket that has the Liberty Flames emblem on it, but I got that for registering for my classes early when I started seminary the first time, so that doesn't count. At any rate, I'm associated with the school now, so we'll see how this goes!

Now, you can agree with my logic or not, or accuse me of spreading my loyalty out too much, but let it be known that these are the schools I will be pulling for this year. And most important of all: Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!


Stephanie Kay said...





And that's all I have to say on that topic. :)

The Navy Christian said...

Actually, I wouldn't be too sad if they did well myself, but I've been gone long enough that they don't hold the same sway.

Mark n Misti said...

Oh man....what happened to LSU????


The Navy Christian said...

You LSU fans are so fun...unless you're beating up on a Big 12 team. Anyway, yes, LSU is fine. We actually have a young lady we hope will come to the Lord who is a big LSU fan, for what it's worth!

Mark n Misti said...

Well we do have a pretty good team....but more important than that....we cook a MEAN GUMBO!!!!