A Labor-Day Thank You

I want to take a few minutes on Labor Day to thank the hard-working people who support the US Navy. Without you, I wouldn't be celebrating Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

Labor Day started in 1882 and was legislated as a federal and state holiday soon after, during the Grover Cleveland administration. Since then, the holiday has been marked by parades, swimming pools, BBQ's, and football. The day is to be a celebration of labor. So today, we will celebrate labor on this blog.

To the men and women who work at NASSCO shipyard in San Diego, I want to thank you for the hard work you put in during our last dry dock repair. This allowed us to deploy on time in January.

Another shipyard to thank is the workers at BAE shipyard, also in San Diego. This used to be called Southwest Marine. At any rate, my last two major upkeep periods were spent at this shipyard, and I've grown to appreciate the work done there.

I'm also grateful for the folks over in Pascagoula, Mississippi, where the USS Antietam was built by Ingalls Shipbuilding (now owned by Northrop). She's a good ship...you all did a good job.

There are countless other laborers and support folks who have made the Antietam what it is today, and I apologize that I didn't thank each of you personally. You all deserve a day of rest, and I hope you enjoy yours. Have a great day and I pray God will bless you all!

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