Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

By: Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey (with Martha Bolton)
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When I first picked up Rick and Bubba's guide, I thought that it was just a bunch of rednecks cracking jokes. But that was just the first page or two. By page three, these guys were telling men to “man up” and take responsibility. In that example, it was for finding a wife, but they would continue to do it throughout the book. The great thing about it is even when they were having fun with the differences between a man and a woman (and husband and wife), Burgess and Bussey never take away the responsibility from men.

I realized that I truly loved what I was reading when I read “Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be puddin' heads”. While they played a lot with the circumstances that led them to think puddin' heads were being created, it was a pretty good indictment on what we as a society are doing to boys. Yet my favorite chapter of the entire book has marriage as the subject. Actually, it's about forgiveness. “In our marriages, God wants us to be good forgivers, knowing full well that we ourselves have been forgiven.” I loved that quote because it might very well be the key to marriage.

Burgess and Bussey have a lot of fun with married life in their book, but you'll get a lot out of it, and laugh heartily just the same. Definitely worth your time!

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