Military Prayer Week 9-14 November

We are less than a week from kicking off this blog's first Military Prayer Week, coinciding with Veteran's Day on November 11th. I would love for you to join me in asking God to rescue the military from sin while praying for those who are believers and service members at the same time.

Look, I know many of you aren't involved in military ministry and probably don't go to churches that are, but I do know that most of you probably care about the military. Why not join me? 

Here's what will happen: Starting on Monday the 9th of November, I will post one prayer item in the morning and one in the evening for the entire working week. On the 14th, I'll wrap it up.

I believe that a revival can happen in the military. I believe that you can be a part of it. Why not subscribe to the blog and join us on the prayer journey starting in a little less than 3 weeks!


Stephanie Kay said...

Great idea. Our church doesn't have a military ministry. I'll try to remember to check my google reader for your posts so I can join in.

The Navy Christian said...

Sounds Great Stephanie! I look forward to hearing about your prayers. Feel free to pass the word around if you think anyone else might be interested!