Troubles with Seminary

Wow...this is even harder than I thought it would be! I knew the research and writing would be very difficult (for me), which is why I agreed to take only one class at a time through Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Yet here I am, staring a deadline square in the face, and it's laughing at me! I'm not going to lie...this is crunch time, and I'm still struggling.

Writer's block has hit me hard regarding this paper. It's on reaching the Japanese, a country I love dearly and a country I've worked in while serving in the Navy. Yet I just can't make this work for some reason. It isn't due to a lack of love for the Japanese...I'm just fearful of writing.

It's odd. I don't mind putting all of my thoughts down on a blog for the world to see...yet I'm fearful of putting my thoughts down on paper for my seminary professor to see. It's very frustrating. Anyway, I'll get back to more substantial blogging soon. I'm just trying to get past this block and get my paper finished!

Before I go...anyone have any ideas on beating writer's block? What is your best idea?


The Father of Five said...

Depending on your time line, and if you have the luxury - just "forget about it" for a couple of days...

When I start getting block (for the blog) - I don't sweat it - and put it out of my mind... Usually a few days later I come up with something. But then, I am not facing a deadline either.

Good Luck!

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks for the comments FoF! Unfortunately, I kind of "put it off" for a few weeks, thinking that, at some point, I'd figure it out! So it goes. Maybe next time I can get to work on something sooner and then put it off if I hit a block.

But I like the idea. It will definitely help me on the blog!

Anonymous said...

My best cure for writer's block has always been research. Go see what others are saying - about anything even remotely pertaining to your topic. Something within Japanese culture, missions, and anything else related to those has to intersect with your topic. I always tried to just come up with a few ideas and elaborate on them as much as possible - fewer ideas = less work, in my opinion.