Ubuntu CE: Moving up the chart!

I've been loosely tracking the popularity of Ubuntu Christian Edition on Distrowatch. When I started reviewing it and writing about the distro, it was ranked 91 on the top 100 list. Today I checked at it was listed as #81! Good times and good things are happening! Well done to the team!


Mikes Sumondong said...

Blessings to you!

What's Distrowatch all about?

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks for your question! Distrowatch (www.distrowatch.com) is a website that tracks the major Linux distributions. I was referring to it's top 100 list, of which Ubuntu CE (Christian Edition) is number 81, up from 91 a few months ago.
Head on over there if you have any interest in Linux. I can spend hours over there sometimes! It's really intriguing.


Adam said...

This is really great news. I've been hanging out over in the CE forums and plan to download 9.10 in a few weeks.

The Navy Christian said...

I'm definitely thinking about upgrading to 9.10 also. When I first started with Ubuntu (8.04) I waited all the way until 9.04 to upgrade, skipping 8.10. So it's up in the air if I will upgrade to 9.10. Who knows?