A word (or two) about Military Prayer Week

I am very excited about the upcoming Military Prayer Week. I think it has an opportunity to bring attention to the work being done in the military and for the military, to bring them to Christ. I want to see a sort of revival take place where saints already in the military grow exponentially in thier faith (including me) and reach out to thier fellow service members with the gospel (including me).

So what can you do? Thanks for asking!

1.  Subscribe to this blog so you get all of the updates during that week! It's the easiest way to stay connected.

2. Announce the Military Prayer Week. You can do it through Twitter, Facebook, in your church small group, anything really. It doesn't matter if your audience includes active duty, veterans, or civilians.We need all the prayer we can get, so the more you announce it, the better it will be.

3.  Pray hard during the week of November 9-14. I want the week including Veteran's Day to be a smash hit for God's plans for the military community.

4.  Ask questions! That week will be a great opportunity to ask questions about the military community, our efforts to witness, etc.

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