MPW#2 Pray for a Pure Heart

Pray for Purity

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart, O God,
       and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

As a sailor, I will always deal with keeping a clean heart (maybe you do too?). It’s not always based on lustful temptations either. Sometimes I am simply overwhelmed with the sheer number of things that must be done, each of them begging to be the main concern. Yet I must remain focused on what is true. I desperately need a pure heart that isn’t infected with this world. It’s really the first thing that must happen if I’m going to serve my country with any hope of serving God at the same time.

So many distractions come into our lives, military and civilian alike, that it is sometimes hard to realize just what our priorities should be. If we have any real hope at all of maintaining a Godly stand in the military, we need the clean heart and a right spirit that can sift through our emotions and feelings as well as these competing concerns. Please pray with me today that our military men and women would have a clean heart.

Dear Father,
Today, I lift up the hearts of those who serve us in the military. They need us praying for them. They face temptations and competing priorities all day whether on ship, in the air, or on land. Each of these priorities and temptations could damage the walk for You and stunt their personal growth. Please guide those who serve you as well as serving in the US Military. Give them a clean heart and renew their spirit.
In your holy Name,

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