MPW#3 Pray for Believing Friends

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron,
       so one man sharpens another.

On my ship, I would be hard pressed to show evidence that even 5% of the crew is born again. What does this mean for us as believers? It means that very few people are going to understand how I feel. Most people don’t care if I struggle with lust (and wouldn’t judge me if I gave in to it), alcohol, or anything else. Most people also wouldn’t stick up for me if I was being attacked for my faith. Most people won’t understand why something bothers me the way it does. Hence the need for Christian friends.

Having unbelievers for friends is important. We simply must if we are going to build the type of relationships that can lead to sharing our faith. However, I also value the believers on my ship that will understand when I just need someone who knows what I’m going through. There is nothing like having someone you know you can go to with a problem, a concern, or a prayer need. That is why we are praying so early on for a believing friend for our warriors.

Heavenly Father,

The military is a hard place to be for those who believe in you. Yet you call many to serve the USA and you at the same time. As those in the military go through their day, please provide them someone to talk to, to fellowship with, and to minister with. You know how vital it is to have a brother or sister to lean on, and this is what we pray for on behalf of our Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, Marines, and Coastguardsmen.

In Christ’s Name,


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