Merry Christmas

The stockings have been emptied, the presents opened, some of the thank you phone calls have been made...Christmas is now in the "Enjoy your presents" phase here in the Smith household.

To my brothers and sisters serving overseas or on duty: Thank you! I am grateful that you are out there on my behalf. I hope today is a blessing for you despite the separation from your family.

To those of you who are not serving on active duty, but have served, you know what it means to be away from family. Thank you for your service over time.

Finally, for those who have not served, I hope you have a joyful Christmas too! My heart is of course biased towards those in uniform, but I don't want anyone to be alone this Christmas.

Alicia and I hosted a young man at our house last night for a home-cooked dinner. He is a recent convert and the newest Christian on my ship. He's on duty today. If you can, pray for Cory, even if just as a passing mention. He's a good man.


Don the Baptist said...

Merry Gloriously Exhausted Christmas to you and yours!

The Navy Christian said...


Tommy said...

Consider your friend prayed for.

The Navy Christian said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!